TTC : Thermodynamic Theory of Creation

Pier Maria Boria – To understand the meaning of Entropy, the first pillar of this paper, it would be useful to start with its generalized, qualitative definition: it is an indicator of the state of disorder of a defined group of bodies. The greater is the disorder, the greater the Entropy (“Entropy; synonymous with disorder”: Helmholtz, 1821-1894). We will proceed backwards until its first inception; a strictly thermodynamic origin. To provide clarity, let us consider the following situation: a room containing a table and on the table a bottle which is sealed and filled with smoke (of unknown nature). An observer can take a photograph, as a witness, of the initial state of order: clearly defined are the bottle, the table, the smoke, which occupies a well defined volume, as well as the room (which constitutes our “universe”): system being observed plus environment…

 free download full article (authored by Prof. Pier Maria Boria)1

 free download full article (authored by Prof. Pier Maria Boria)